Artisanal Gelato (Versión en Inglés)

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In this reading you will discover how the author tries to bring you into the Artisanal Gelato world. It will be useful for those how have any previous knowledge without rejecting those who have experience in the field and wish to expand their knowledge.

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The objective of this book focused on giving the fundamental tools to everyone who has an interest on the Manufacture and Sale of Artisanal Gelato.

You will learn how to use the necessary machines with a previous detailed report of it and how to choose the different raw materials as to make the correct recipe with it correct balancing. All this process will help you to achieve the best possible product that suits the actual market needs.

Added to the knowledge of the step by step process to make Artisanal Gelato we will teach you the other important variables as to make your business succeed. This are the ones that correspond to Marketing, Search and Location of the Business, Advertising, Marketing Plan, Investment Project, Points of Sale and Franchising.”

The legal aspect, the Architecture and the Design bases of your chosen store will also be treated in this book.
You will also find valuable information about the development of such important aspects such as Hygiene and Personal Instruction.

Todo este desarrollo se encuentra avalado por la experiencia en el rubro de muchos años del autor, pasando en la parte comercial y técnica por la atención directa de heladerías Artesanales, realización de cursos e instalación de heladerías en varias regiones de nuestro país y del exterior y su formación profesional en el rubro Marketing.

It is the desire of all those who have collaborated in the realization of this work to give you valuable tools and the fundamental aspects to make your personal projects succeed, having the assurance that we have put at your service all out technical ability and our best goodwill.

We can only wish you the greatest success in your endeavors, with te intimate desire that part of it is due to this reading.


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